About the Harbil 5G

Harbil 5G
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When safety, reliability , and use are concerns, the Harbil 5G Mixer is the perfect solution for high-volume usage in:

Retail Paint Operations
Commercial and Contractor Paint Centers
Home Center Paint Operations

With a pull out tray for easy, quick container loading and unloading, the Harbil 5G mixer is easy to use. Automatic clamping for a multitude of can sizes and an automatic start of mixing action save time and effort. An automatic electric timer with mixing times from 5 seconds to 3 minutes adds to the ease of the 5G Mixer. This Shaker is vibration free. This machine is very versatile whether it be 5 gallons or a quart of paint.



45" (114.3 cm)


27 1/2" (69.8cm)


27 1/2" (69.8cm)

Shipping weight

525 lbs. (238.1 kg)


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